Moving supplies at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio

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At Stop-N-Go Storage we go above and beyond to provide our customers with a streamlined storage experience. That is why we have equipped our offices with everything you’ll need from packing/moving supplies, down to top-of-the-line locks to secure your unit. One less trip for you makes an easier move! Let Stop-N-Go Storage save you a trip and come check out our store.

Are you in a hurry and want your moving supplies fast? Check out our list of items available below. Pick out what you need, email or call us and we will have your order ready to pick up!


  1. Book (12x12x12)
  2. Small (16 3/8x12 5/8x12 5/8)         
  3. Medium (18 1/8x18x16)
  4. Large (18x18x24)
  5. XL (24x18x24)
  6. SM Wardrobe (24x20x34)
  7. LG Wardrobe (24x21x48)
  8. SM Mirror (24x20x34)
  9. LG Mirror (48 1/4x4 5/16x32 11/16)
  10. Dish Barrel (18x18x28)
  11. Flat panel TV kit (fits 32' to 70' TV)

*discounted bundle prices may be available but are limited to certain facilities. Contact us to see if they are available at your closest location.

Boxes packed and ready to be stored at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio
A lock on a storage unit at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio


  1. Disc
  2. 2 Pack Disc
  3. Disc Word combination
  4. Basic ½ inch padlock
  5. Cylinder

Furniture Protection

  1. Full mattress bag
  2. Twin mattress bag
  3. Queen mattress bag
  4. King mattress bag
  5. Queen mattress bag set
  6. King mattress bag set
  7. Sofa cover
  8. TV cover (up to 55' TV)
  9. Chair cover
  10. Dust cover
New client moving their furniture to be stored at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio
Boxes packed with kitchen things ready to be stored at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio

Kitchenware and Fragile Items

  1. Cell kit for dish barrel box
  2. Dish set
  3. Glass set
  4. Bubble wrap (12in x 15ft)
  5. Bubble wrap (16in x 10ft)
  6. Bubble wrap (24in x 10ft)
  7. Bubble wrap (12in x 100ft)
  8. Bubble corners (for mirrors, artwork, etc.)
  9. Wrapping paper (100 sheet box)
  10. Wrapping paper (200 sheet box)

Tape and Miscellaneous Items

  1. Mailing single roll
  2. Single roll
  3. 2 roll w/tape gun
  4. 3 roll w/dispenser
  5. 6 roll pack
  6. Shrink wrap (5in x 1000ft)
  7. Shrink wrap (20in x 1000ft)
  8. Rope
  9. Forearm forklift
  10. Moving labels
Box taped and ready to be stored at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio
One of our moving trucks available at Stop-N-Go Storage in Delaware, Ohio

Truck and Trailer Accessories

  1. 2" ball and hitch
  2. 7 to 4 pin electrical adapter
  3. Coupler lock
  4. Trailer coupler lock

*All sales are final; no returns. Although U-Haul, Inc. supplies many of our products, we do not adhere to its pricing structure or return policy. Not all items listed above are available at each of our facilities.

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