Moving and Packing Supplies at Stop-N-Go Storage

Stop-N-Go Storage is your one-stop shop for moving and storage.

U-Haul Trucks and Trailers for Rent

We are your local authorized U-Haul dealer

Stop-N-Go Storage Management is proud to partner with U-Haul. As your local neighborhood U-Haul dealer, we provide a selection of affordable moving trucks and trailers for rent for your convenience. 

Our mission is to provide secure, convenient, and high-quality storage units at affordable rates.

Featuring an Affordable Selection of Moving and Packing Supplies

Moving Boxes

Our moving boxes are available in a convenient selection of sizes.

Packing Tape

We sell heavy-duty packing tape to secure your boxes.

Dollies and Handcarts

Most of our locations have moving carts on-site available for your use.

Bubble Wrap

Pick up a roll of bubble wrap to protect your breakable items. 

Furniture Covers

We sell furniture covers to protect mattresses and delicate furniture during transport.


We provide a selection of different types of locks for your storage unit.

Stop-N-Go Storage Offers Everything You Need for Your Next Move


  • Book (12x12x12)
  • Small (16 3/8x12 5/8x12 5/8)
  • Medium (18 1/8x18x16)
  • Large (18x18x24)
  • XL (24x18x24)
  • SM Wardrobe (24x20x34)
  • LG Wardrobe (24x21x48)
  • SM Mirror (24x20x34)
  • LG Mirror (48 1/4x4 5/16x32 11/16)
  • Dish Barrel (18x18x28)
  • Flat-panel TV kit (fits 32' to 70' TV)

*discounted bundle prices may be available but are limited to certain facilities. Contact us to see if they are available at your closest location.


  • Disc
  • Two-pack disc
  • Disc word combination
  • Basic ½ inch padlock
  • Cylinder

Furniture Protection

  • Full mattress bag
  • Twin mattress bag
  • Queen mattress bag
  • King mattress bag
  • Queen mattress bag set
  • King mattress bag set
  • Sofa cover
  • TV cover (up to 55' TV)
  • Chair cover
  • Dust cover

Kitchenware and Fragile Items

  • Cell kit for dish barrel box
  • Dish set
  • Glass set
  • Bubble wrap (12in x 15ft)
  • Bubble wrap (16in x 10ft)
  • Bubble wrap (24in x 10ft)
  • Bubble wrap (12in x 100ft)
  • Bubble corners (for mirrors, artwork, etc.)
  • Wrapping paper (100 sheet box)
  • Wrapping paper (200 sheet box)

Tape and Miscellaneous Items

  • Mailing single roll
  • Single roll
  • 2 roll w/tape gun
  • 3 roll w/dispenser
  • 6 roll pack
  • Shrinkwrap (5in x 1000ft)
  • Shrinkwrap (20in x 1000ft)
  • Rope
  • Forearm forklift
  • Moving labels

Truck and Trailer Accessories

  • 2" ball and hitch
  • 7 to 4 pin electrical adapter
  • Coupler lock
  • Trailer coupler lock

All sales are final; no returns. Although U-Haul, Inc. supplies many of our products, we do not adhere to its pricing structure or return policy. Not all items listed above are available at each of our facilities.

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