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2017 New Year's Resolution to Get Organized


Is your 2017 New Year’s resolution to get organized? Self-Storage is a great solution for your organizational goals. Storage provides you with extra space to get your home, closets and garage back into shape for the new year and the new you.

Looking to clean out a closet? Store all your holiday decorations?A 5×5 and 5×10 self-storage unit is your best option. Ranging from 25 to 50 sq. ft., both sizes are equivalent to a small walk-in closet.

A 5×5 Is a perfect size of a dozen boxes, a desk, a chair and a bike.

A 5x5 unit at {{location_name}}

A 5×10 option is best for a dozen boxes, desk and chair, mattress and box spring.

A 5x10 unit at {{location_name}}

Are you frustrated because you must park your car outside, in the cold and rain, because your garage is full? Now that winter has arrived, I am sure you want to get that car into the garage as soon as possible. There are two storage options that would work best to get your garage ready for the real use, to park your car in. A 10×10 self-storage unit is equivalent to half of a one car garage. A 10×10 will provide you with 100 sq. ft. of space and is best to hold the contests: furniture, appliances, off seasonal items, mower and tools. This size will work if your garage is half full and you just need to reorganize the space.

Is your garage completely full? Then a 10×20 with 200 sq. ft. is your best option. This size is equivalent to a one car garage. The 10×20 unit fits the contents of a small home or business inventory. Since it is the size of a one car garage it can also fit a car or trailer inside.

Storage units are month-to-month contracts. In the case you need a unit for one month or a year we can help you with your monthly or long term organizational goals. You will be surprised how storing your items will help you get more organized and complete your New Year’s Resolution.